Josh Mandel — One Entry Resume

02 May

The second commercial for Josh Mandel’s U.S. Senate race (to represent Ohio) just started airing on t.v.  And like the commercial for his Ohio Treasurer race and his first commercial for this race, all it talks about is his military service.  (Here is a link to his record free commercial

I could see if this was Mandel’s first time running for statewide office, but it’s not!  Per his own campaign website, he served in the Ohio State Legislature for four years and has been our state Treasurer for over a year.  So basically, he could speak about this experience in elected office, but he chooses not to.

My own father was an active duty Marine for nearly 20 years, but he doesn’t throw this information around like he’s looking for praise or better yet looking for uninformed votes.

And thousands of other men and women have served in the military, but if I am considering military service as the only qualifier for public office, I may as well blindly vote for them, too.  With that in mind, veterans running for office must prove that they have other qualifications to warrant votes just like any other candidate, especially if that includes elected office.

Finally, simply stating you served in the Marine Corps does not give voters details on how that service makes you the best candidate for a particular political office.  The simplicity of Mandel’s ads lead me to believe that he is merely trying to appeal to voters’ desire to do veterans a good turn.

I hope that’s not the case because that would be pretty sad or the methods of a person desperate for power.

Until later–

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Posted by on May 2, 2012 in Politics


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