Recall Fever and Buyer’s Remorse

04 May

In the last two days, I heard two different shows, “All Sides with Ann Fisher” and “Morning Edition,” on NPR discuss the recall election in Wisconsin of Gov. Scott Walker.  Both shows had me thinking about the phenomenon of recalling an elected official to kick them out of office.

On the local NPR show”All Sides with Ann Fisher,”  her guest Ken Rudin, the Political Junkie, discussed his general dislike of recalling elections since regular elections are the usual opportunity to get rid of politicians (Rudin’s comments can be heard at the 52 minute mark of this clip).

While I also don’t like recall elections, it is for another equally important reason: voter accountablility.  Aren’t voters supposed to investigate the agendas of each candidate before they vote for them?  Instead of voting for candidates you want to have a beer with or spout sound bites supporting issues that won’t affect most voters’ everyday lives, should’t voters vote for candidates that support actual policies that contribute to their well-being?

That’s the problem with recall elections; they’re a big fat pink eraser that allows voters to be unaccountable for their actions in the voting booth.  I don’t live in Wisconsin, but I do live in Ohio where enough people are dissatisfied with our governor, John Kasich, and his polices (you might remember Issue 2).  You would have thought that Kasich’s talk of smaller government would have picked the ears of Republican union members, yet it didn’t until Kasich made it clear he wanted to compromise their bargaining rights.

Basically, voters need to ignore smoke screens like “small government,” “gun rights,” or some other issue that doesn’t affect their ability to make a livable wage and take care of their families, so they won’t have buyer’s remorse and have recall fever!

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