President Obama — Ready to Go!

05 May

Today, I attended President Obama’s first official campaign stop in Columbus, OH at the Schottenstein Center.

One thing that struck me and I’ve noticed before is the diversity of the President’s supporters.  I attended a campaign stop in 2008 and remembered seeing an older Indian woman in a sari intently listening to Michelle Obama and then the Sen. Obama.  She seemed completely transfixed, so much so that she seemed to miss that the rest of her family had moved closer to get a better look.

I could not help that day in 2008 or today four years later, but notice that I was in a crowd of people that was not homogeneous.  As I left the Schottenstein Center, I saw a Mitt Romney bus with a few supporters standing in front; and what I’ve noticed time and again is that his supporters are so very homogeneous.

Republicans are by and large a homogeneous group, yet what I can’t understand is the Republican machinery being perfectly fine with this situation.  Our country is becoming less homogeneous, so won’t not reaching out to people of different backgrounds in time shrink the Republican party’s supporters?

Where the Democratic party fails is by not reaching out to people who vote for the Republican party out of fear.  They fear losing their gun rights and have bigger government, yet they may live outside of metropolitan areas and their schools are ignored and underfunded, they lack jobs paying a livable wage and can’t afford to help their children pay for college.  The Democratic party can speak to the needs these people have that go beyond gun rights and limiting bigger government.  (What’s so funny is many of these people will accept jobs with the government, but support limited government.)

The Democratic party can do a better job at articulating the party’s desire to help everyone not only dream of improving their lots in life, but having the tools they need to do so.

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