Vice President Biden Opened the Door and the President Stepped Through

10 May

Some time after lunch, there was a “special report” interruption!  Now, me being me, I was expecting something earth shattering, but instead it was President Obama telling the nation something that I sort of figured anyway.  The President supports gay marriage.  Well, I should hope so…since it shows compassion and common sense.

It just seems common sense to support the apparatus that allows couples certain exclusive rights like inheritance and the ability to cover a spouse on a medical insurance plan.  Years ago, my dad was watching a story on this topic and said that the fight should be for the all benefits and rights that marriage insures.  According to him, once you force people to budge on these benefits and rights, they’d see that it makes sense to just legalize gay marriage so each state or the federal government doesn’t have to grant access to each benefit one by one.

Part of me likes the idea of antagonizing the people who wish to withhold these rights, since it just seems so completely mean-spirited on their part.  By not having these rights, people who are in long term relationships  aren’t protected by the law because they aren’t allowed to marry.  One simple marriage contract would then cover every right, but instead in a nation ruled by laws would deny some people the right to be governed by these laws.

Finally, one topic I haven’t heard discussed is the influence that gay men and women serving in the military will have on the gay marriage debate.  If gay folks are serving their country, but can’t receive base housing, access to the education benefits from the GI Bill extended to spouses, and possibly medical and life insurance benefits, people are really going to raise all types of hell.  If a gay couple has children and is stationed in an area where rent is high (Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in California for example), they are going to be desperate to live on base and save themselves some money (in rent and gas to get to work) so they can survive financially.

As those stories arise (as they surely will), all they will have to say is “I served my country honorably and this is my thanks…”

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