The Day After Facebook’s IPO

19 May

Yesterday morning, I called a co-worker about one thing and ending up talking about Facebook’s IPO.  We both thought that the stock price would soar through the day and a bunch of loons would end up buying high.  I told him if people had any sense, they’d wait until sometime next week to buy when the price might decrease some.

Do you see why I don’t appear on any news shows as a financial expert?  Yep, you got it right.  I don’t know jack about that.  Well, maybe I’m not that daft, but clearly I had it wrong about Facebook (this is supposing the price doesn’t go below the $38.23 closing price next week).

I was sort of looking forward to seeing the stock price soar yesterday because I follow news events with the same glee that some people watch “The Bad Girls Club!”  I was literally on the edge of my seat waiting to see how this would all transpire.

By the way, congratulations Mark Zuckerberg!  You are a married man now and many married men across the globe (even in small villages) are saying, “What are you thinking!?!?!”  Lawyers across the world are saying, “He better have the best pre-nup ever!”  None the less, guten gluck!

Listed below are some great stories about the Facebook IPO and it’s aftermath:

“Weekly Wrap: What happened to Facebook’s stock?” from American Public Media’s “Marketplace” with the very seductive voice of Kai Ryssdal.  If you want really interesting and often humorous financial reporting, this is the show.  At the 1:20 minute park, there is an interesting discussion about how the underwriters bought shares to keep the price at $38.  At the 3:00 minute mark, the panel talks about “insiders” who already had shares (Facebook employees?) “were selling out.” I found both points interesting.

“Facebook IPO: Little Gain After Hype” from Nightline on ABC.  This was a pretty humorous story, also.  (Yes, I don’t mind a side of humor with my news.)

“Facebook Dashes Faith” from the Wall Street Journal and written by Al Lewis.  This story mentioned the possible “irrationality” that may have taken place and affected the stock price, yet people did not react that way and go overboard driving the price up.

Hope you like these stories!  Oh, and if you did buy Facebook stock, let me know what made you click “buy”.  Thanks!


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