Thanks NATO and Occupy Protesters for Costing the Rest of the 99%

22 May

Call me a fuddy-duddy, but I really am not feeling the folks protesting NATO or the Occupy Wall Street folks, either.

I wish these same people were distributing pamphlets like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, so I could see not only their complaints articulated, but also their suggested solutions.  I once had to take a customer service class and according to the class, the best way to get customers to stop complaining is to simply ask them what they want to resolve their situations.

Someone needs to ask the protesters what exactly they want in detail because I don’t think they know.  And that’s my real issue.  While they are costing taxpayers money in police overtime and lost tax revenue from businesses, they are also costing businesses big and small in profits when the protesters block their businesses or damage their property.

Just because you have the luxury to take time off  from work (or you don’t have a job) to protest, it doesn’t mean that life has stopped for other people who have jobs to get to or businesses to run.  The most considerate thing the protesters could do is not cost the rest of the 99% more in taxes, but since taxes probably won’t be raised, services will be cut.  Goodbye late hours at city swimming pools and recreation centers!

According to the article “Chicago Braces for Major Protests as NATO Summit Looms” on

Protesters already have taken to the streets over a number of causes in the week leading up to the summit, including the shuttering of local schools and the loss of homes through foreclosures, and they stormed the building that houses the headquarters of President Obama’s campaign.

So how is causing trouble for the police and other Chicago city workers re-opening city schools or bringing homes out of foreclosure?  And “storm[ing]” President Obama’s campaign headquarters or any other politician’s headquarters just seems random and represents the protesters’ lack of forethought.

How are we going to get out of this economic crisis with thinkers like these?


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