Why Can’t More Republicans be Like Colin Powell? (Please ignore my tears…)

24 May

I wish more conservatives could be like Gen. Colin Powell.  During his recent visit on “The View,” it was so refreshing to hear a Republican who was even-minded and completely guided by what he believes is best for our country.  In fact, he stated he will be considering the “agenda” and “policies” of each presidential candidate and if their policies are “the policies that will work for the American people in the next four years.”

On the other hand, so many Republican politicians and pundits seem fanatically aligned with an ultra-conservative platform, yet Gen. Powell has clearly considered the issues for himself instead of rubbers-stamping a predetermined platform.  The question that seems to be lost is if “policies…will work for the American people?”  Not just slivers of the American populace, but the majority of Americans.

To that point, Gen. Powell told the ladies of “The View” that the Republican Party needs to pay more attention to the “less fortunate [who are] not doing as well.”  Also, Republicans need to have “greater sensitivity to immigration…the needs to resolve immigration and to education.”

Finally, I also like that he stressed that as citizens Americans shouldn’t be looking for “superman to come save this country” and that we need “to study the issues.”

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