Aren’t Elected Officials Government Workers?

25 May

I find it fascinating that elected officials, primarily Republican members of congress, do not count themselves as government workers.

  • Are they some how different because they are voted into office by a mere fraction of the American population?
  • Are they different because they spend millions of dollars on commercials that are usually evasive; and therefore, they neglect to tell voters why we should vote for them?

Republican members of congress routinely demonize federal employees, yet they never include themselves in this group.  If members of congress aren’t federal employees, who do they work for?  Oh, right…the people.  Well, “the people” aren’t so pleased with their level of performance, yet these members of congress feel that they are in a position to judge.

Well, isn’t that nice…

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One response to “Aren’t Elected Officials Government Workers?

  1. 520 Chestnut

    June 21, 2012 at 2:21 am

    Amen. The constant attacks on feds are annoying, but the much worse part is the belief on the right that somehow federal employees arent people. If we lay them off, more people will have jobs! Because they don’t count. Government jobs are apparently not jobs, that pay not money, so the not employees can pay their not rent. Or something.

    Government employees are people, and government jobs are jobs. This is not complicated!


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