Ocotmom is Turning to Stripping!?!?!

04 Jun

Why baby Jesus?!?!  Why?!?!  Why is the word “stripping” really in the same sentence as the name Nadya Suleman?  Why did a crazy fertility doctor help Nadya Suleman have 14 children?  Why did Nadya Suleman go to a doctor to even have 14 children?

But better yet, why are we so desperate to be famous?  So desperate that we would ask a doctor to enable us to have a litter of children we can’t take care of.  I say “we” because while many people act like Nadya Suleman is in some way uniquely crazy or some how other than us, she is no different than so many people today.

If you’ve watched any hour of the “Today Show,” “Anderson,” “Dr. Phil,” or any of the other shows that will shine a spotlight on the most ridiculous stories, you’ll see people desperate for not even 15 minutes of fame, but a 3 to 10 minute segment.  From dads shooting laptops to kids suspended for anti-bullying clips on YouTube, you can’t turn on the television or the internet without wild stories demanding an interview explaining what can’t usually be explained.  (And isn’t YouTube just a short cut to everyone’s 15 minutes of fame, but in a concise 3-5 minute clip!)

So instead of Nadya Suleman stripping her clothes off, could she just set up a webpage with a PayPal account, like that genius George Zimmerman.  In his case, his PayPal account landed his daft self back in jail (for what could be well over a year), but in Nadya Suleman’s case people might pay her to just stay her behind at home and off their televisions!  In an odd turn of events, Nadya Suleman might end up getting paid to not be famous, but raise her multitude of children.

I know I’d at least be the first to give Nadya $20 if she’d five up on this fame business!


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2 responses to “Ocotmom is Turning to Stripping!?!?!

  1. List of X

    June 11, 2012 at 12:42 am

    I am pretty sure the had already set up a website to accept donations. But I guess the Octomom had decided to make a bit more money by showing her Octotits.

    • dailyballyhoo

      June 11, 2012 at 12:31 pm

      In that case, can we just pay her to keep her shirt on. Just send checks to the strip club. No one really wants to see all of that–lol.


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