Summer Festivals & Fairs: No Place for Babies or Toddlers!

04 Jun

Yesterday, I went to the Columbus Art Festival.  This was the festival’s first time back on the riverfront downtown, so I was looking forward to seeing how it was set up and if some of the artists I’ve seen in previous years were there.

But dear me, I constantly had to maneuver around people meandering along as they pushed strollers or just stopped in the middle of the walkways without warning with said strollers.  There were people with toddlers who let them run away from them in the middle of a crowd instead of holding onto their hands.

What the hell is wrong with people with babies and toddlers?  Since when is it appropriate to take you children everywhere?  Why do people have take the largest, most unmanageable strollers into crowded events?

When I was growing up, my parents didn’t take us anywhere that wasn’t clearly a children’s event.  My parents happened to have two more children when I was a teenager and guess what?  They didn’t go anywhere that wasn’t for children with them!  We were excited when the older of the two sisters was old enough to enjoy the toddler rides at the fair, but do you want to know where the other sister was?  Her behind was with our grandmother because no one wants to be behind people pushing strollers!

Worse yet are the people who walk along holding a toddler’s hand as they walk at a snail’s pace.  Are these people mentally disturbed?  What delusions lead them to believe I or anyone else wants to meander behind them as they trudge along?  Then the toddlers stumble and everyone has to come to a stop as they right their tiny ships and cause a traffic jam.

Here’s the thing.  If you want children:

  • you cannot take you baby or toddler to every bleeping event or activity you want to enjoy
  • you have the nine months of the pregnancy to secure the services of a dependable babysitter
  • if you cannot secure the services of a babysitter, you must stay home with your new family
  • no one except maybe grandparents think your children are as cute and precious as you do (no one includes siblings, extended family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. just in case there is any confusion).

If you still believe you should take your children to Nine Inch Nails concerts, movies after 4 pm, or outdoor events with large crowds, you shouldn’t have children because you not only lack good judgement, but are thoroughly inconsiderate.  And yes, I once went to a Nine Inch Nails concert where parents had their new born baby because that makes sense.

I get that parents want to enjoy themselves, but all decisions have opportunity costs.  If you have a baby or toddler, you lose the opportunity to go places that aren’t meant for small children.  But, you do gain the opportunity to enjoy interacting as a family in the home you create for your child.  Nothing will ever be as important as interacting and bonding with your child.

I went to Disneyland, the fair, and other places when I was growing up, but nothing compares to the time I spent just hanging out with my parents and siblings.  Those are the times that I remember and cherish as an adult.


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