Voters’ Priorities in Gov. Scott Walker’s Recall Election

05 Jun

Tonight, I listened to a story about Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election in Wisconsin on American Public Media’s radio show “Marketplace.”  The story focused on how police and firemen have become a part of the campaign to oust Gov. Walker.

There was a specific comment that really caught my attention from the “head of the state firefighters union,” Mahlon Mitchell, who is also running to be Wisconsin’s lieutenant governor.  While discussing how Gov. Walker has affected how firefighters will vote in the recall, he synthesized what guided how they voted in the past in this comment:

Speaking from a firefighter standpoint, we talked about three or four different issues. I always say it’s the gays, guns and God. Well they realized that it doesn’t matter about those social issues right now. Let’s vote on issues that affect our pocketbooks, affect our hours, affect our wages and affect our working conditions.

I was left a bit perplexed by the idea that voters would really be guided by “gays, guns, and God.”  Do people really vote bases on those issues?  Unfortunately, some voters do base their vote on how a candidate stands on those issues, but do those issues really affect any individual person’s overall “pursuit of happiness?”

I can’t believe that a candidates’ stance and possible votes on bills related to “gays, guns, and God” will hinder them from choosing a profession, choosing a spouse, having children, or having whatever religious beliefs they desire.  The only people who seem to be hindered by most legislation on homosexuality are people part of the LGBT community.  They may be limited in their professions (the military until recently), ability to marry, ability to adopt children, and what church will accept them.

As for the guns, I know it’s hard to believe, but if you aren’t apart of our national “militia,”  you don’t need an assault rifle or any other weapon or accessory that is only good for killing other humans.  These weapons say on the box that they’re only good for killing other human beings including family members (especially spouses), co-workers (especially those in management), or if you are suffering from a mental illness anyone in eyesight.  It says all that on the back of the weapon; or rather, I assume it does because that’s what assault riffles and other pimped out guns are usually used for.  They’re definitely not used to hunt squirrels or quail.

And finally, this is America!  Your freedom to worship any and all religions you choose are protected fully and wholeheartedly by every other American.  You can join the most out there fringe religion you want and no governing body (federal or state) will ever be able to pass legislation to infringe on that right.  While that is all true, the Bill of Rights does not in any way allow the religious beliefs of one religion to be inflicted on the rest of the American populace.  That’s a wild concept that is hard to believe, but people have the right to abstain from the morals and practices of any and all religions; and to this end, the government will step in to protect the right for Americans to not practice one religion or any religion at all.

So voters should select candidates who will make them able to better pursue happiness at work and with their families and just let “gays, guns, and God” out of it.


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