What the Hell Does Mitt Romney Know About Student Loan Debt?

12 Jun

I saw the article, “Best-kept secret in student loans” by Gerri Detweiler on MSN Money and started to think to myself, “How the hell can Mitt Romney really talk about student loan debt intelligently?”

It’s a valid question for a man who wants to be president.  How can Mitt Romney discuss student loans when he never had to file a FAFSA (or a Free Application for Federal Student Aid for my multi-millionaire readers)?  You don’t really think a man like Mitt Romney who’s worth $250 million (or a QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS) has ever had to sit down with his multitude of testosterone and fill out a FAFSA online?  Neither do I…

On the other hand, President Obama made the following comments when he introduced the “Pay As You Earn” plan in late 2011:

I know you’re hearing stories from friends and classmates and siblings who are struggling to find work, and you’re wondering what’s in store for your future. And I know that can be scary.  This is something Michelle and I know about firsthand. I’ve been in your shoes.

He could make this statement because the President and First Lady “had about $120,000 combined in student debt” when they got married according to the same article, “Who will benefit from Obama’s student loan plan?” by Lucy Madison on CBS News.

AARP members, farmers, business owners, and every other voting subgroup will be voting in their own interest, so it just seems future, current, and past college students should also vote in their interest in November.

American college students just can’t afford to vote for Mitt Romney who can’t relate to their student loan concerns!

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