Since When Does Someone (i.e. a Sh*t Flake) Interrupt or Heckle the President?

16 Jun

Since when do you interrupt a president? Since when do you show the whole world that your parents didn’t teach you general manners?

Since when do reporters ask questions (that’s what he said he was doing) before the President says, “Now, I’ll take questions” and identifies the exact reporter by name & outlet that he will take a question from? (That is the standard format since before our current president.)

Since when do amateurs get White House press passes that aren’t handed out like tic tacs? Since when?

Maybe, since American politics became an “all or nothing,” “no compromise” sport at least for Republicans?  Or maybe, since the President looked less like the diminishing majority of Americans?

Here is a link to a story about the heckler which only slightly distracted from the important immigration policy the President was outlining.

(Sh*t flake is the funniest term my father ever used—mostly for other drivers, so I had to use that choice phrase for the President’s heckler.)

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