22 Jun

Republicans Dismiss Facts?!?! No Way…

After reading the article “Yes, Iraq Definitely Had WMD, Vast Majority Of Polled Republicans Insist” on Huffington Post, I wondered how we can have an intelligent national dialogue if Republicans insist on dismissing solid facts?

Many people will latch onto falsehoods that justify a course of action they support like Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.  But, why would a person still believe that nearly 10 years later unless they were just itching to go to war with any country?

Now, many Republicans want to believe that if Iran has nuclear weapons they will naturally use them on Israel.  There are two facts that are dismissed in this logic:

  1. Only the United States has ever used a nuclear bomb on another country and that was nearly 70 years ago.
  2. Only 7-8 countries have nuclear weapons and that list includes France and the United Kingdom, yet none of these countries has actually used one of these weapons on another country.

It seems that having nuclear weapons may not be actually for killing folks since the last time that happened was just under 70 years ago.  Instead, countries seek to possess these weapons so that other countries take them more seriously when they want to make demands or negotiate with other countries.

I’d prefer that no country possess nuclear weapons; especially since, they can achieve the same effect with regular bombs (this happened during World War II in Hamburg, Germany).  None the less, information that isn’t definitive is being used to justify possible action against another country.

So, when are Republicans going to finally value actual factual information, so that we can take intelligent action to move our country forward?

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