No Wonder U.S. Economy Is Improving SLOWLY

08 Jul
No Wonder U.S. Economy Is Improving SLOWLY

“The Today Show” lasts for hours and during those hours they often try to sell Americans over-priced and unneeded items!  During the past week, they told their audience about special plates that hold your hard tacos upright.  Because I’ve been waiting all my life for that…

It really get irritates me when news shows have “Made in America” segments.  Clearly, there’s nothing wrong with products made in the United States, but it is sort of silly to believe that if only our population of around 300 million would buy more products made here, our economy would grow exponentially.  That concept isn’t just illogical, it is totally bat sh*t crazy, too.

Why pray tell?  Uh, because there are 3 billion people on the other side of the earth in China and India that we should be selling our products to; and that will always be more profitable that merely selling to other Americans.  And let’s not forget other countries like Brasil.  Even if we made the products in these countries, we should come out ahead if we have enough sense to make sure the taxes for said profits come back to the United States.

Finally, the other issue I have with these segments is the fact that many products made in America are totally overpriced and unnecessary for Americans or anyone else for that matter.  Last month on “The Today Show”, they featured a story about “mompreneur” Jess Brown who makes “heirloom [rag] dolls” that cost between $65-$268 per her website.  While it’s great that they are made in the United States, the market for these dolls is as slim as the dolls’ anorexic arms.  By the way, you can get more attractive dolls in Tijuana for a fraction of the cost.  Anyways, luxury dolls are not going to help our economy—just ask Italy which continually has high unemployment and makes tons of luxury items.  I’m sure Henry Ford would be mystified by today’s “entrepreneurs.”

Everything Donny Deutsch said was completely on point, but entrepreneurs need to make products that fill people’s NEEDS in unique and progressive ways here in the United States, but more importantly, for consumers in countries like China and India that have a growing middle class.


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