Things I Learned From Judge Judy and Other Court Shows.

10 Jul

I love Judge Judy!  I have worked out my work schedule so I can watch her show most days.  In a world where the judicial system seems topsy turvy, it’s nice to see people get what they deserve, but here are some of the lessons I’ve picked up from Judge Judy’s show and other court shows:
  1. If credit bureaus find someone untrustworthy, so should you (even if they are a parent, child, or significant other.)
  2. Never loan anyone money if they plan on repaying you when they get their tax return.  They have most likely made the same promise to multiple people including themselves for a car or some other purchase.
  3. Never loan money you can’t afford to give.
  4. Never ever loan money to boyfriends or girlfriends.  
  5. Never borrow money from a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  6. Open a checking account as soon as you get your first job (even if the job is cutting yards or babysitting).  Have your pay direct deposited, opt to not have overdraft protection, and only use checks where a debit card can’t be used (looking at you Ohio BMV).  
  7. Always use birth control (even if you have to steal the condoms or get coupons for the pill).  There’s nothing worse than having a child by someone you later realize is an idiot.  You will also spend many years looking for signs your child may carry on that gene.
  8. Never have a roommate.
  9. Never live as a married couple if you’re not legally married.  This includes buying houses or other purchases in both people’s names.
  10. If you are a victim of any crime, especially domestic violence, file a police report.
  11. Always get an official receipt with the company’s name and information when you exchange to money for a service or property.
  12. Never pay cash for purchases for which you may need a paper trail later.  Use a credit card or check for purchases that may need to be disputed or challenged because you don’t received a product or there is an issue with the service received.
  13. Always read a contract thoroughly or at least the exceptions and limits given in the contract.  (ex. how long a warranty lasts or under what conditions purchases can be returned).
  14. Never co-sign for anyone unless you can afford to make the payments for the person.
  15. Never bail anyone out of jail if they are merely a boyfriend or girlfriend.  This may be the best way to get rid of them.
  16. Only bail people out of jail if you can afford to lose the money.

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