Who Da Thunk: Romney’s Riles Up His Base Speaking to NAACP!

12 Jul

Mitt Romney and his camp love that all they news programs are playing clips of him being booed after mentioning “Obamacare” in a speech before members of the NAACP.  On “The View” today, Joy Behar was very perceptive when she noted that Romney seemed to make a point of referencing the Affordable Care Act and that he “expected that” reaction.   Hmmm, so you said it anyway?

Always willing to speak up (although she is as dim as the other side of the moon), Elisabeth Hasselbeck commented that he should be commended for staying on message and not pandering to black voters.  Then she alluded that the people in the audience (mostly black) were having an emotional reaction when they booed and were not rationally thinking about the issue.  Geez Elisabeth, so what you’re saying is that black people just aren’t objective when considering political issues.  Bless her heart.

Well bless her because she hit on why Romney raised the issue and made sure to call it “Obamacare” in front of a mostly black audience who would give a negative reaction even if that reaction was cool silence.  He wanted that reaction because Republicans can get “working class whites” (or as people outside of the media would call them poor white people) to vote for multi-millionaires they have only one thing in common with by scaring them into believing that minorities might get handouts.  Who cares if that’s not true!  What’s the truth have to do with anything, silly billy.

I live in Ohio and there are a crap load of “working class whites” who don’t have a pot to piss in or window to through it out of who need the benefits offered in the Affordable Care Act, but they get riled up thinking minorities will some how get more of those benefits.  While white people rich and poor outnumber minorities rich and poor, “working class whites” do not believe that they would benefit more.  It’s funny because the same thing happens when you discuss affirmative action which has disproportionately benefited white women.  (I think this was discussed in a previous post.)

Republicans say Obama is using “class warfare” to try and win a second term.  Well, Mitt Romney and a litany of other extremely rich white politicians are using racial bigotry to try and win the White House!   This is a bigotry that they have stoked since Bacon’s Rebellion over three hundred years ago, but one of these days “working class whites” will wake up and when they do, look the hell out!

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