Hyper-Focusing on Chris Brown Doesn’t Prevent Domestic Violence

05 Aug

This post is in response to the article “Chris Brown Album Gets Scathing And Brutally Honest Review” on The Huffington Post.  I’m so tired of these articles about Chris Brown.  I don’t really get what their purpose is, but then I don’t think their authors have a purpose beyond noting for society that they are appalled by domestic violence.  Um okay, but how does that help a woman or man who’s getting smacked or beat by someone?

Oh yeah, that’s right, it doesn’t prevent anyone from being assaulted.  I have never read one of these articles that actually gives facts about the ACTUAL prevalence of domestic violence in the United States. What is more disturbing than Chris Brown hitting Rihanna is that it actually isn’t uncommon.

In fact, 22.1% of American women are physically assaulted by an “intimate partner” according to a survey by National Institute of Justice and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention conducted in 2000.  Unfortunately:

Most intimate partner victimizations are not reported to the police. Approximately one fifth of all rapes, one-quarter of all physical assaults, and one-half of all stalkings perpetrated against female respondents by intimates were reported to the police.

And why would you report a crime if you think you’re a fluke and all alone in your experience?  It doesn’t happen to someone like you, so you become one of the 75% of women who don’t report that some guy they know has beat them up!  Those are the facts and they aren’t pretty and they don’t change by demonizing Chris Brown.

These are women we all know!  The men that hit our friends, relatives, and co-workers are men we go to school, work, and church with, yet they don’t have a scarlet “B” for batterer on their shirts.  They don’t have articles on the internet and they don’t have their court hearings followed on the local news because they aren’t reported to the police 75% of the time!  That’s uncomfortable, but that’s reality!

What does that say about us as human beings in our country?  We demonize Chris Brown like he’s the sole perpetrator of domestic violence, so we don’t have to deal with our larger issue that nearly one in four women are being slapped, pushed, or punched.

When you go out tomorrow, look at women you talk with or pass by and count “one, two, three, four”; and imagine that fourth woman bruised or cowering.  That is domestic violence in America.


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