25 Aug
Romney’s Lying Machine by Robert Reich for The Huffington Post

Romney’s Lying Machine by Robert Reich for The Huffington Post

I wanted to address the issue of Mitt Romney’s incessant lying in his attack ads against President Obama, but Robert Reich clearly beat me to the keyboard.

In his article, Reich poses the following questions:

But what does all this tell us about the man who is running this lying machine? (Or if Romney’s not running it, what does it tell us about a man who would select the people who are?)

When considering the first question, I can only conclude that Mitt Romney lacks the type of character I’d feel comfortable entrusting the well-being of the United States.  When people lie so easily and flagrantly, they must lack not just the fear of being caught in the lie, but a respect for the people they are addressing.  And in this case, Mitt Romney does not fear the American public confronting him or respect American voters whether they are Democrat or Republican voters.

So if you’re a Republican voter, you should be just as concerned as Democratic voters because no matter your political leanings, no one can trust an out and out liar.  Also, all Americans deserve candidates that they feel are straightforward and forthright people.

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney is not meeting that expectation and nothing can overcome that shortcoming.


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