26 Aug

“Arms and the Duck” by Gail Collins for the New York Times

Gail Collins’ article completely exposes the pitfall of concealed weapons laws.  If regular people draw their weapons during a crime, innocent bystanders are bound to be victims in the crossfire.

When he was in the Marine Corps, he specialized in using and training people to use small handguns and even he said it can take people a long time to become a great shot.  When we discussed the Virginia Tech shooting, I said the shooter must have been a decent shot.  According to my dad, that’s just not the case when people have access to assault weapons.  Accuracy just isn’t needed.

On the other hand, people with carrying hand guns do need to be accurate if they intend to defend themselves.  According to the article, “the accuracy rate for New York City officers firing in the line of duty was 34 percent,” so it’s hard to believe that in the confusion of a violent altercation, that civilian would have better accuracy than trained professionals.

People who fantasize that they will be the hero when they pull their hidden weapon don’t take into consideration that the shooter will turn their gun on the wanna-be hero.  Not only that, but there will be the commotion of frightened bystanders.  Unfortunately, the fantasy is a completely sterilized event that wouldn’t resemble the reality in the least.

It is bad enough to contemplate one disturbed and misguided shooter opening fire on people, but it’s even more frightening to consider the possible crossfire that could ensue.

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