Jamie Lee Curtis Sets Example, Older Can Equal Satisfaction

30 Aug

During the Olympics, I noticed this commercial for Activia.  I know it’s crazy, but for women there is something reassuring about these commercials.  As the star of the Activia commercials, Jamie Lee Curtis does herself and other women a great service by simple looking her age!

We all know we’re going to get older, but usually women get the message:  “Wow, look at XYZ actress who’s 40-50, but looks 20!  Isn’t that fantastic!”  Well, that seems like an ridiculous message predicated on women not finding any satisfaction as they get older.  In her profile in AARP Magazine, Jamie Lee Curtis says “growing older means paring down to an essential version of yourself.”

Nothing sounds better than “paring down to [my] essential” self or all the things I love about myself without all the fuss.  I at least want to see women who are perfectly fine with getting older and accept who they are as opposed to only who they were.  I don’t want to feel the pressure to look like one of the Real Housewives of Orange County with frosted hair and my third set of boobs and a glass of wine always at hand.

So, I’m glad that Jamie Lee Curtis projects a comfort and satisfaction as she ages.  She’s giving the rest of us an example to follow and a goal to achieve: satisfaction.

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