Early Voting Back On in Ohio!

01 Sep
Early Voting Back On in Ohio!

Have you ever noticed how much American media outlets (and the BBC) harp on the idea of free and fair elections in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Russia?  Election monitors or observers from organizations like Jimmy Carter’s Carter Center are always on hand to make sure people are allowed to vote and ballot boxes are stuffed with votes for one candidate.

I’m not saying that these elections don’t need to be monitored, but I am saying it’s hypocritical for the United States to pass judgement as one of our political parties goes out of it’s way to limit and obstruct American citizens from voting.  If voters in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East deserve free and fair elections, don’t we?

So, thank goodness the federal courts have come to the defense of the American voter.  Efforts to hinder and suppress voting by minorities and the poor have been overturned in Ohio, Texas, and Florida.

If this proves a disadvantage for Republicans, maybe they should work harder to earn the votes of minorities and the poor by addressing issues that affect them instead of suppressing their votes.  Wow, what a novel idea…


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