Get Hyped! I Sure Am!

04 Sep

When Ted Strickland was delivering his speech at the Democratic Convention, I was driving on my way home.  I got so hyped I was doing 60 mph in a 45 mph construction zone.  I just had to get home to see the audience reaction.

How is Ted Strickland not Ohio’s governor?  How?!?!  As I listened, Strickland articulated the concern that moves me and other Democrats.  It’s the concern for all of our fellow Americans.

I don’t look at our pursuit of happiness as a journey we travel alone and in isolation.  If I see that I can help, then that means I lend a hand.  Whether that is my own effort or it’s money, I am glad beyond belief to have the health and good fortune to do so.  Democrats offer what we have and what we can barely give because we are grateful for the opportunity.

It is an opportunity that I might not have in another country even if the desire were weighing on my heart.  Because I love my fellow Americans, I will always be a:

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