Get ‘Em Girl! Norah O’Donnell Takes Paul Ryan to Task On “Face the Nation”

11 Sep

I really feel sorry for Paul Ryan.  I even feel sorry for Mitt Romney, too.  Why, pray tell?

Hmmm, maybe because Paul Ryan either has an extremely poor memory for his age and can’t spell ginseng in order to find it in the supplement aisle.  Or, maybe I feel sorry because our dear friend Paul is a pretty crappy liar.  Either way, he is in a truly unenviable position.  He has a whole litany of beliefs and has acted on those beliefs as a congressman.  And now, folks want to discuss those beliefs and votes.  Oops!

My sympathies go out to Mitt Romney because he might have the worst advisers in the world.  I can only assume that Romney’s advisers have the real goal of losing the election, so they can quickly start searching for a more suitable candidate for 2016.  In sympathy, President Obama might have even volunteered better advice than Romney received; like, “Don’t pick Paul Ryan!”

Mitt Romney went around with his glass slipper and I guess he thought Paul Ryan could be his Cinderella.  Ryan would magically transform into a person void of beliefs and worse yet, a voting history!  Well, that’s what you get for believing in fairy tales, Mitt!

At least we can give Norah O’Donnell credit for not letting Ryan get off so easily.  Voters deserve to see how candidates react under pressure especially since they are seeking the most pressure laden jobs in the world.  Ryan wants to be one heartbeat away from being the most powerful person in the world, yet he can’t handle Norah O’Donnell without getting flustered?!?!?!  Wow!

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