Why are Gay Celebrities Forced to Explain or Declare Their Sexual Preference? Better yet, Who are We to Make Demands?

17 Sep
Why are Gay Celebrities Forced to Explain or Declare Their Sexual Preference?  Better yet, Who are We to Make Demands?

Since Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet in the late 90’s, there just seems to be an inordinate amount of pressure put on stars who might be gay to come out of the closet.  Heaven forbid celebrities never have a steady girlfriend or boyfriend because all the tabloids will be after them.

The part that makes me feel uncomfortable is the demand for the celebrities to have a spill your guts interview.  Who am I to demand gay celebrities explain themselves?  If the typical questions from those interviews were directed at me, I wouldn’t know what to say because what do you say about the sometimes mundane details of your love life since adolescence.

As a straight person, I don’t have to make an official declaration about who I’m attracted to, so it seems intrusive to force other people to explain in detail a sliver of their lives.  I guess if it were me, I’d just let it out in the middle of a regular interview.  Put away the confetti because this isn’t that big a deal!

And if celebrities do not spill their guts to satisfy the public’s interest (not really sure if it’s the public’s or the media’s interest), the media tries to spin the story like the celebrities are trying to hide their sexuality.  It is probably simply that their actual family and friends are already aware and it really shouldn’t matter outside that sphere.  Also, they don’t want their sexuality to become the main aspect of their lives covered by the media at the expense of any projects they have.

Recently, Anderson Cooper confirmed that he is gay.  I sort of hoped he’d just leave people on the edge of their seats, but I felt for him because of the pressure that was mounting for him to make a statement.  You would have sworn Las Vegas casinos were taking bets and giving odds one way or the other.

Surprisingly, the next day was the same as any other day.  This new found knowledge didn’t cause the Mississippi River run backwards; so basically, we didn’t need to know and the public doesn’t need to force any other stars to declare who they’re attracted to.


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