Wow, Samsung Galaxy SIII Commercial Sticks it to Apple!

21 Sep

I just saw this commercial for the Samsung Galaxy SIII and couldn’t help, but give a self-satisfied (?) laugh.  Notice how Samsung like T-Mobile is using Apple’s own marketing gimmick, rendering Apple as being not only technologically behind, but uncool!  By the way, my retirement aged father bought an iPad last year.  (Scary!!)

I actually don’t know or really care about the latest phones.  In fact, I have a six year old Samsung cell phone (I don’t replace stuff I didn’t buy and isn’t broke).  It’s my oh so subtle protest against the incredible wastefulness of buying a new phone every other year.

And Apple fuels this foolery to the utmost.  They release new phones it seems every year or maybe I’m getting confused with the release of iPads, iTables, iPlanes, iTVs, iChildren, iDogs, iMeth, and iCrapinlandfieldpollutinggroundwater.

Anyway, it occurred to me that what the updates or improvements on a newly released phone were probably developed and ready when Apple released their last phone.  Apple has tons of stuff in the pipeline, but they will release a phone with just a few of the updates, so they can have a steady stream of new phones to be released each year.  A few updates here, a few updates there…stingily doled out.

In this case, wouldn’t it just make sense to buy one every 3 years instead?  Sure, you won’t be the coolest person ever with the rest of the millions of people who buy the new phone.  But at least, you’re not buying a phone that will be obsolete before you pay off the charge on your credit card.

Also, I object to the price.  I never knew how much they cost until my sister drug me into an Apple store.  When I saw the price, I asked my sister if the iSomething I was playing with was special or something.  Then she told me that was the regular price.  Get the f*ck outta here!

That’s why Apple really sued Samsung.  Samsung is selling more affordable products.  Ok, so Samsung phones are not made in heaven and each blessed by God, but people can still make calls and block everyone’s view at concerts with Samsung phones!  What more does a phone really need to do?

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