What’s the Deal with Ann Coulter?

27 Sep

Today, Ann Coulter made yet another appearance on “The View.”  For my life, I don’t know why she goes on any shows that aren’t right leaning.  It’s not clear if even conservative hosts can follow her often convoluted reasoning, but middle of the road or liberal folks definitely don’t.

Unfortunately, she never gets straight to any point and seems awfully taken with her own brilliant conclusions and the acrobatics to get to them.  I just get the feeling she wants to be provocative above all else.  It doesn’t seem like she has a larger goal beyond ruffling feathers, but then what do I know?!?!

Well, I do know that the various morning shows should just not bother with inviting her to promote her books.  It’s not even because I think her opinions are completely full crap, either.  Instead, it doesn’t seem worth it to have guests who are conservative or liberal that don’t even have the sense to not annoy the interviewers.

It never fails that instead of trying to draw in interviewers (and therefore the audience) into her reasoning, Coulter doesn’t clearly state her opinions or succinctly give the evidence supporting her views, yet cites every source she ever found.  I just assume she wants to get people to agree with her or merely try and see her point of view since she did take the time to write a book?!?!

I sort of wonder what she’s like in her private life when she interacts with people.  Is she as quirky as she seems in interviews?  Is she as determined in person to isolate herself with her opinions?

All I’m sure about is that Ann Coulter needs a hug.  Get her with a double helping of kindness!

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