Is This Picture Photoshopped? Nope, Unfortunately it’s Reality…

28 Sep

I already wrote a post about not believing any country including Iran will use a nuclear bomb, but clearly the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu does not agree according to his speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

A week ago Netanyahu was on “Meet the Press,” where he kept using the term “red line” and imploring the United States to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.  Fine, but here are my issues:

  • I don’t like other countries meddling in U.S. politics especially during elections
  • I don’t like the U.S. being pressured into taking actions against other countries
  • I don’t like annoying terms or phrases like “red line”
  • I don’t like world leaders who disrespect my president (and then want to tell him what to do…)
  • I don’t like crappy displays that look like something I made for a 5th grade project with poster board from Kroger or Staples

Will Benjamin Netanyahu get off the United States’ ball-sack?

Netanyahu’s not an idiot!  He knows good and damn well that Iran isn’t going to drop a nuclear bomb on anyone.  Nor is any other country because the countries who definitely have a nuclear bomb will obliterate Iran if they used it.  So that’s not the issue here.

The real issue is that at least Netanyahu wants to be the only country with a nuclear weapon in the region.  Well, I don’t know what to tell him!  Honestly, I don’t because the United States doesn’t have any money to spare for any more wars.  GOT IT.  GET IT.  GOOD!

I don’t know how the citizens of Israel feel, but no one wants them or any other country to be bombed.  Unfortunately, the United States is up a creek on the money front just in case no one was paying attention not to mention that our military needs a break!

So Benjamin Netanyahu needs to leave that sign of his in his hotel room and formulate another plan of action.

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