Does Mitt Romney Think He’s Running for Douchebag in Chief?

17 Oct
Does Mitt Romney Think He’s Running for Douchebag in Chief?

Last night during the second presidential debate, Mitt Romney came off as the douchebag boss everyone’s had at least once.

His snappy comments and questioning of the President and moderator were unbelievably disrespectful; especially since the Presidency is a position he aspires to.  If Romney were president, would he appreciate that type of overbearing behavior.  During the discussion of the attack on Benghazi, Libya, I loved that the President just handed Romney a shovel to dig his own hole when he said, “Please proceed Governor.”

Romney clearly had incorrect information on what the President personally said regarding the events in Benghazi.  He was trying to criticize the President for having a poor assessment of the attack, but over a month later it seems Romney has a poor assessment of what he was trying to criticize.  Romney ended up looking like a dumbfounded kid who had his Christmas present stolen!

Romney was argumentative and condescending.  How exactly will this behavior play out if he were to meet diplomats from other countries?  Oh wait we already know!  This summer he went over to Great Britain and managed to insult an actual ally!  Romney’s condescending, negative assessment of London’s preparedness for the Olympics was evidence of an arrogance not suited for politics.

While the public looks for substance in the debates, such a glaring absence of tact from Mitt Romney can’t be ignored.  The United States just can’t afford to have a president with a rash and arrogant temperament.

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