Hilary Clinton Proves to be a “Ride or Die Chick” for the President

17 Oct
Hilary Clinton Proves to be a “Ride or Die Chick” for the President

Wow, if people didn’t believe that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t run for President in 2016, they ought to believe her now!

I was completely surprised when I heard Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was taking responsibility for the “attack at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.”  But, if she doesn’t plan on running for President in the future or even being a part of President Obama’s second term administration, it’s really not a bad idea…

Let’s just say it takes a good deal of character to draw the negative attention of an issue to yourself; which makes Hillary a true “ride or die chick.”  Not just for the President, but for the Democratic Party and more importantly for the American people.  Yet, this shouldn’t be a difficult position for Hillary Clinton after the eight years she endured being vilified by Republicans during her husband’s presidency.

But to be quite clear, the only entity responsible for the attack is whatever terror group that organized the attack.  Most likely, some group affiliated with Al Qaeda is responsible, but since it’s advantageous for Mitt Romney to blame the President (who Romney thinks has time to micromanage the whole federal government), this has become a more political issue.

I get that Romney is only spinning this story because his spin of the story can benefit him, but I hope that deep some where in his mind he realizes that Al Qaeda is a totally opportunistic group.  They will take advantage of any instability that presents itself to make any western country look weak.  That’s part of Al Qaeda’s business plan posted on their website

Whether Hillary does run for President in four years is up to her, but it takes a great deal of sacrifice and character to put that possibility in jeopardy.  But for some reason, I think Hillary may appreciate some time out of the political spotlight.

We all saw the recent video of Hillary on the dance floor in South Africa!

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